Photo Series: Dak Lak PC actively implements work under hot weather

14:44 - 18/06/2021  |  394 lượt xem

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In the past few days, Dak Lak province, as well as other provinces in Central region – Central Highlands experienced a breaking-record heat waves. However, with a mission of providing safe, stable and continuous power supply, the repair and maintenance work are still being implemented urgently. Here is a photo series of replacing medium voltage conductors on feeder No. 475KNA2 managed by Krong Ana power branch on June 4th, 2021.

Krong Ana power branch replaced power lines from column 99-1/98 to column 99-1/108, a part of feeder 475KNA2, one of a major maintenance project in 2021

The unit registered to cut-off medium voltage, without affecting low voltage power lines, ensuring power supply for daily household and production needs during hot weather duration

Severe weather makes the work on the power grid is even more difficult

Sweating out in the hot sun

Take a short break

Doing the works, making sure to re-supply the power on schedule

Author: Nguyễn Ngọc

Translated by Quynh Kha

14:44 - 18/06/2021  |  394 lượt xem

Chia sẻ