EVNCPC ranks 5th in ASEAN power utilities in smart grid index

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According to the 2021 SGI Benchmarking Results conducted by SPGroup, a leading utilities group in the Asia Pacific, Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) reaches 64.3/100 points, ranking fifth in ASEAN power utilities and 59/86 in global power utilities across 37 countries.

EVNPC’s Grid Monitoring Center

This is the first year that EVNCPC registers for benchmark in order to objectively assess grid capacity when it comes to smart grid index (SGI).

The result demonstrates efforts of EVNCPC (in particular) and EVN (in general) to enhance power reliability, customer services, especially, getting electricity indicators – an important index in assessing national competitiveness.

Since 2012, EVNCPC has commenced building the project “Roadmap for developing smart grid in EVNCPC” and the project was then approved in 2013 for implementation. So far, EVNCPC has completed the roadmap and gained positive achievements. Till October 2021, EVNCPC has installed 4.2 mil. electronic meters, in which 4 mil. are remote metering via RF Spider with 99.2% data collected successfully.

Regarding grid operation and management, EVNCPC has mastered SCADA technology at Control Centers and 110kV substations; has converted 100% of 110kV substations into unmanned substations. 100% of sectionalizers on the power gird, which can connect to SCADA system, is connected to Control Centers for remote control. Equipment system is synchronously planned, ensuring central management and configuration, optimizing equipment contingency. 95% of districts are equipped with optic fibers for communication.

2021 SGI Benchmarking Results

All power companies, subsidiaries are equipped with high-speed channel and back-up channel to EVNCPC. Simultaneously, EVNCPC sets up channels to Vietnam Electricity (EVN), banks, payment intermediaries, service providers such as: VNPT, Viettel in order to ensure internet access and to generalize applications/services of EVNCPC to the Internet in a continuous, fast and safe way for users.

SGI benchmark is an annual activity conducted by SP Group since 2018 by analyzing publicly available information regarding 07 main dimensions of power utilities across the globe, including: (1) Monitoring & Control; (2) Data analytics; (3) Supply reliability; (4) DER integration; (5) Green energy; (6) Security; and (7) Customer empowerment & satisfaction. The 2021 SGI Benchmarking Results show the global trend for green energy. While power utilities in Europe are leading in RE penetration, their counterparts in Asia Pacific are catching up on EV initiatives.

Along with EVNCPC, other subsidiaries of EVN gain considerable leaps in rank: Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) ranks 53/89 and Ha Noi City Power Corporation (EVNHANOI) ranks 67/86.

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16:57 - 02/12/2021  |  969 lượt xem

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