Double-circuit line over the Yok Don National Park completed

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At 15h00 on 13 June 2019, the 12 days of power outage (from 4h00 to 15h00 everyday) to construct the 35kV line from the same pole of the 110kV line of the project of Ea Soup 110kV substation and connection of the section over Yok Don National Park has ended as scheduled.

The section over Dak Mil Lake

As the plan was discussed by the relevant parties, at 10:30 on 13 June 2019, the feeder 372/F16 was isolated, the construction unit arranged three working teams to carry out the work. At 14h30pm the work was completed. At 15h00pm on the same day, the 35kV circuit of the 110kV and 35kV power lines over the Yok Don National Park was officially energized, marked the completion of the whole construction. This is an important step for the energization of the project.

The workers are removing the VT185 that is temporary operating on the 110kV circuit

The parties are working together

Reconnect the customer station to the 35kV circuit

The directors of NPMU took a commemorative photo with the Department of Industry and Trade when the delegation inspected the construction site

With a large workload such as building 70 steel columns, constructing 02 110kV, 35kV circuits with the length of 14.5 km each, but the construction time is limited to only 10 hours a day (from 04h30 to 14h30) so that the units can perform experiments and energize the grid at 15h00. And thanks to the close guidance of Central Power Corporation, the support of Dak Lak Power Company, NPMU has coordinated with the relevant units including construction contractor (HECICO), supervising consultant (CPSC) and design consultant (TV504) to complete the construction.

The units have mobilized more than 250 workers at the peak time, with many modern mechanical devices and the coordination between the parties made everything went smoothly, ensuring absolute safety on site during the construction.

Thanh Quang


Translator: Phuong Hoa

14:44 - 03/09/2019  |  3815 views