Completion of Pleiku 110kV unmanned substation

14:44 - 03/09/2019  |  2352 views

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From 29th -31st May 2019, Gia Lai 110kV grid operation team successfully completed monitoring, acceptance and operational receipt of new equipment for implementing the project “Rehabilitation of control, protection and SCADA system to convert Pleiku 110kV substation into unmanned substation”.

Worker of Pleiku 110kV substation checking the equipment before putting into use

Accordingly, the scope of work which Gia Lai 110kV grid operation team performed is to install BCU for control-protection cubicles of existing feeder bays in order to collect data, to supervise, to control equipment and to connect to Control Center including: 01 BCU for T1 transformer bay, 131 bay; 01 BCU for T2 transformer bay, 132 bay; to replace 02 relays with BCU of 331, 332 bays; to install 01 BCU for the existing AC-DC cubicle in order to collect data; to supervise and control auxiliary equipment of the substation; to install 01 220/48 VDC power supply; to replace 03 outdoor combiner boxes of feeder bays: 131, 331, 332 which had been operated for a long time and were degraded in order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment; to replace relating control cables. In addition to that, installation of camera system, anti-intrusion system was performed. Rearrangement of control room layout and secondary cable ditch in order to fit into installation position of control-protection cubicle, auxiliary cubicle and gateway was also performed in parallel.

This is a scheduled outage with a lot of tasks, so preparation works before the outage were carefully and sufficiently conducted by Gia Lai 110kV grid operation team in order to support end-to-end test in the best way. The operation team cooperated with Central Power Service Branch_the agency who will directly construct the work and with Central Power Electrical Testing Company (ETC) to test and to survey the site and to discuss about acceptance, end-to-end testing work with Gia Lai Control Center and other relevant works. Specifically, testing works include remote switching, remote collection of measurement, status data, simulation and testing of remote fault recorder for each protection function from substations to control center.

When coordinating the scheduled outage, Gia Lai 110kV grid operation team collected and checked remaining issues and specifically assigned appropriate staff for each working position in order to completely solve the issues within the scheduled period and ensured the maximal data transmitted to the Control Center. In addition to that, staff of 110kV Pleiku substation coordinated and completed the work of periodical cleaning and maintenance of equipment to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment. Through this working schedule, staff of 110kV Pleiku substation learned more about operation of the equipment and gained more insights into SCADA and private tele-communication system to prepare for operation of unmanned substations.

Till 31/5/2019, Gia Lai 110kV grid operation team held the acceptance work and energization of the substation. The successful acceptance ensures the connection between 110kV Pleiku substation and Gia Lai Control Center, this is an important step to convert 110kV Pleiku substation into unmanned substation as per automation roadmap for enhancing reliability in operation; for ensuring perpetual and safe supply of power; for increasing labor productivity and business efficiency.

Author: Huỳnh Thúc Vũ


Translated by Quang Thang

14:44 - 03/09/2019  |  2352 views

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