Spreading love in our community

14:46 - 03/09/2019  |  2373 views

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May quietly drifted away, brought a bit of love to our community, Da Nang PC once again had an opportunity to come together sharing with the unfortunates.

Da Nang PC visited Mrs. Thien in an austere house

Mrs. Phan Thi Hien’s house, located in Phu Son 2 village, Hoa Khuong commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city was quite bustling with the visiting from Da Nang PC staff and Mrs. Thien and her neighbors’ excitement. Through warmth feeling, the broken heartfelt was lingered within us: an austere metal roof house absorbing all the heat of the hot summer air or the cold temperature of the winter is the home of a 78 years old lady who losing her hearing, half paralyzed and depending on the chair for her movements. Having no children, she lived all alone. Her living expense depends on local welfare and her kind heart neighbors.

From her story and through all the depreciated, old and rusted household items, we can imagine her loneliness. Perhaps because of that, her eyes brighten up with joys and harmonic smiles keep reappearing: “I don’t know what to say besides thank you for visiting and giving me gift. Next time make sure you come and visit me again so that I wouldn’t feel lonely. I am always happy to have accompanies even though my hearing is decreasing.”

Her voice was touched to our heart and hoping we would make her another visit.

Reporter (PV)


Translated by Quynh Kha

14:46 - 03/09/2019  |  2373 views

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