Phu Yen Power Company: Improving quality of operating of the power system network.

10:02 - 08/01/2020  |  49 views

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The power system network that managed by Phu Yen PC over the past few years continuously has been rehabilitated, upgraded and invested to ensure reliability of power supply, contribute to socio-economic development of the province. To meet the demand for power supply, Phu Yen PC keeps innovating to improve the services and capacity for power system control and management, in which focusing on training and improving human resource for labors who practice in the network.

Members of District Branches practiced setting indicators for MC Recloser

I order to improve quality of operation and management, the PC explores a variety of solutions in-sync to minimize interruptions, reduce power losses, …, enhance capacity and awareness for responsibilities of the human resource, promote the preservation of the power safety border lines. Simultaneously, Phu Yen PC has organized trainings for workers to ensure their qualifications for new demand of the market.

Currently, capacitors at control panels have been usually in trouble. About the maintenance and repairing that equipment, the workers have not yet mastered processes because the equipment are quite new which takes time to observe and practice after training and instructions of the experts, especially detecting and repairing the equipment. The fact that each equipment has instructions and manuals for operation but in different cases, there will be specific solutions and it depends on the areas as well. Therefore, it is not a simple task. In this case, Technical experts of Phu Yen PC have experienced in variety of time, summarized those know-how and provided instructions to the workers for efficient use and assist them with potential solutions in different situations that help minimizing the potential interruptions. Phu Yen PC has hold trainings for installation and repairing MV and LV capacitors. The short-term trainings provided details guidance for applying equipment to measure current, voltage and resistance and so on, to realize abnormal status of capacitors and come up with the plan to replace and fix those at the soonest.

Additionally, Phu Yen PC has also provided trainings for OMS-EVN software for the subsidiaries (level 4). The trainees have been equipped with functions of OMS-EVN software (power network diagram, operation procedures, working schedule planning procedures, calculation of power reliability and so on). The training is combining and updating between CMIS and PMIS power network diagram to calculate reliability more accurate and ensure better customer services. The program is updated daily and continuously in case of changes relating to the network or customer data for improving the business activities of the PC more effective and fulfilled.

Dispatch expert instructed skills and procedures to trainees

Furthermore, the power network in Phu Yen province has been currently expanded and, at the same time, the PC has obtained the operation works of 110kV power network, so the amount of work increased nearly double as previously. To ensure the flexible and convenient management of the fellow District Branches, the Power Company has allocated authorization for controlling the branch line of substations under 2 km and substations for the District Branches. Accordingly, operation at those points will be allocated for DBs (distributing working orders). To ensure the procedures smoothly, the PC held the course “Preparing working orders” for the subsidiaries (level 4). Technical experts from Technical Division and Management Team of substations and power lines have provided the instructions.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Director of Dispatch Department said “The PC will continue the expansion of applying technology into operation and management through functional software for technical management, measuring data, hotline operation and so on. Simultaneously, The PC will prepare options for exploring new 110kV substations to ensure efficiency of investment, avoiding overload for used substations; applying hotline techniques, hygiene for high pressure insulators, etc for cutting down the interruption period and meeting demand of customers”.

Furthermore, to commit with new conditions of the market, Phu Yen PC continues improving training courses to ensure operation works of substations and power lines with requirement of modern equipment such as: thermal camera, periodically testing and uploading into Google Drive for supervision; adjusting examining procedures of power lines and forms for reporting the examines, frequencies of examines have been adjusted according to actual cases. The PC has also monitored the DB’s examines by Note Pads, improved hygiene of insulators. Annually, the PC promotes the program to compete among the organization for reducing power losses, improving quality of power supply, applying IT into management and summarizing interruptions; building trainings for weaknesses and improving promotions for commitment of power safety border lines.    

Author: Thang Tran - Quoc Dat 

Translator: Hang Pham.

10:02 - 08/01/2020  |  49 views

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