Da Nang: Initial Success in promoting solar power in Hai Chau district

08:23 - 10/01/2020  |  43 views

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In recent days, the temperature in Central region in general and Da Nang in particular is very high, some area temperature is up to 40 degree Celsius, resulting a sudden increment in electricity demands. Da Nang PC has had many activities supporting and encouraging customers to install solar PV system for its outstanding advantages: safely, economy and efficiency.

“…Difficult start”

Since the Department of Industry and Trade issued document on surveying and assessing the potential of solar energy in Da Nang city in early 2018, Hai Chau PC has had ideas for this work. Encouraging customers to invest on “solar energy”. Though it’s a similar phrase, it is not a simple matter. In the beginning, board of managers agreed that each employee shall be a connecting bridge to promote the benefits and efficiency of solar power to their relatives – the first step to approach customers. However, the challenge is that the knowledge of operation process of the PV system, the output calculation and other factors have not been well-understood. End of 3rd quarter of 2018, only 7 customers contacted PC for two-way meter installation.

Working with BKSolar to check the output transmitted to power grid

… initial results

The power company has encouraged the customers to participate in installing solar system. After the workshop regarding promoting rooftop solar power held by Da Nang PC in mid-June 2019, the power company quickly training for employees, especially customer service staff, the basis knowledge of operation process of the PV system, the output calculation as well as to confirm payment for customers who have signed the sale contract.

With these relentless efforts, 88 customers in Hai Chau district signed the sale contract, with total capacity up to 420kWp and 69.267kWh of reversed output in 2019. PC also worked directly and confirmed payment up to 200 million to households that installed solar PV system.

Author: Quynh Tien

Translated by Quynh Kha

08:23 - 10/01/2020  |  43 views

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