Phu Yen Power Company: IT application in SCADA system

11:20 - 18/03/2020  |  138 views

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In recent years, power sector has been focusing on applying information technology (IT) in operation, business activities. In fact, IT has largely contributed to enhancing labor productivity, improving power service and increasing customer care. With the desire to supply power safely, efficiently, to enhance labor productivity and to reduce manual work, Phu Yen Power Company (PYPC) has successfully introduced IT application into SCADA technology.

Phu Yen Control Center has stably operated equipment on power grid thanks to IT application

With the guidance toward power market and the introduction of Phu Yen Control Center, operating power grid and power market transaction has been facilitated. Especially, actual state of power grid has been updated quicker, which enables better supervision, consumption forecast and accurate, timely planning of generation mobilization to meet load demand.

SCADA is a system for remote data acquisition, supervision and control of power equipment. Via connected equipment on power grid, all data regarding equipment state will be sent to SCADA center at the power company’s headquarter for checking and handling. Operators of SCADA system will control the power grid via a visual diagram and will supervise data, operational parameters, working state of equipment. Then, alerting for faults, tripping of sectionalizers, connecting ring grid, controlling equipment remotely from control center and isolating fault can take place timely.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Chanh – Deputy Head of IT division of PYPC said: “Application of IT into operation of SCADA system has contributed to minimizing risks during operation of equipment on power system. In the past, workers must go to site for installing, handling equipment directly. This was dangerous, especially during rainy season. Apart from that, application of IT into SCADA system has helped us be more active in switching as well as sectionalizing faults remotely at control center. Thanks to that, the Power company saves time, enhances labor productivity and reduces workforce.”

Especially, SCADA system is a useful tool for implementing auto-load-shedding function during shortage period of power source in a selective way and for ensuring appropriate shedding capacity, for controlling outage areas in the given order. In parallel, the system has enabled accurate, quick handling of equipment on power grid, which, in turn, reduces time for solving faults and minimizes outage time of customers. Thanks to that, PYPC has stably operated 07/07 unmanned substation. One of the upcoming targets of power sector is to increase reliability in power supply for customers. Via SCADA system, operators can supervise, record fault events in order to integrate into management program. From that, power companies can identify existing issues on power grid. On that basis, power companies will complete the system, ensure power supply to customers and minimize outage time.

Therefore, application of IT into SCADA system and Control Center is a strategic solution of power sector in order to modernize power grid step-by step. This is a fundamental step in controlling equipment remotely and in managing 110kV unmanned substation stably.

Author: Nguyen Nghia

Translated by Quang Thang

11:20 - 18/03/2020  |  138 views

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