A day following the “on-call” electrician

14:28 - 30/03/2020  |  740 views

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In the dry air of hot summer, very few people know that there are still many electricians on their duties, keeping the power stable quietly, ensuring the power supply safely, continuously for the area.

Mr. Dinh Van Hong – PC staff is repairing customer’s meter

In one of the hottest day in Quang Ngai city, I followed Quang Ngai PC’s ‘on-call’ electricians going to repair electrical problems. Every day, the ‘on-call’ team received information from the 19001909 hotline, regarding many cases of power outages.

I am at 442/27 Nguyen Cong Phuong str., Mr. Dinh Van Hong – member of PC’s power line management team has just energized the meter for local customer. His face was covered with sweat, he shared: “Since the beginning of May, because of the hectic summer, the Air Conditions, electric fans and other cooling devices have been put in used more frequently, resulting loss of powers due to overloading.

Another call for incident, all team members quickly gathered all the tools and headed their way to the next customer. The next destination is Mr. Mai Van Vu’s house, located on Phan Dinh Phung str. After greeting the customer, they quickly started finding the cause of their house’s problem. Mr. Dinh Van Hong and Mr. Bui Van Nghia quickly repaired after finding the broken wire in the meter.

It takes only 10 minutes for them to solve the power outage, re-energized power for customer

“Thank you very much, I just called 5-10 minutes ago to report the power outage and you are here. I was afraid for a long wait”, said Mr. Mai Van Vu.

When I asked them about their lunch time while they on duty, Mr. Bui Van Nghia said: We eat whenever we have time. If there is call at noon, we have to take care of the customer first, lunch can wait.

They are always on the move

I stopped by the office at 5pm, during their changing shift. Talking about what makes them remember the most when doing this job, Mr. Hong shared: Every time repairing for customer, they offered a glass of water with a thank you. Those moments are like motivation to keep us moving and continue to complete our work and how much I appreciated our job.

With the motto “Be where the customers need”, they aren’t afraid to encounter any challenges to bring the power back. It’s not only the customers’ trust, their responsibilities, it’s also the passion of their profession.

Author: Kiều Trinh



Translated by Quynh Kha

14:28 - 30/03/2020  |  740 views

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