The benefit from an ODA project

15:31 - 30/03/2020  |  434 views

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Decrease of Emissions Intensity in Electric Power supply project received fund from KfW, KfW 2 project, was implemented in Phu Yen province with a total investment of 96.36 billion. The project was commenced in late 2017, completed and put into use in 9/2018. The project has brought its efficiency to people lives and socio-economic development of the province.

Joachim Schrempp interviewed Ms. Pham Thi Hoi – Song Cau district

Recently, the KfW mission led by Mr. Joachim Schrempp – Technical expert of KfW in collaboration with EVNCPC and Phu Yen PC had came and checked the project at Song Cau district. During the mission, Mr. Joachim had chosen 2 substations randomly in which they are T.835 (Lam village, Thach Khe town, Xuan Loc province) and T.836 (Lo Gom village, Long Thanh and Thach Khe town), about 172 households benefiting form the project. In Long Thanh and Thach Khe town, Mr. Joachim interviewed the beneficial households about the electricity status before and after the project.

Ms. Pham Thi Hoi, a resident of Lo Gom village expressed: “Before having the ‘electric tank’ (transformer substation), the whole village shared the cost to pull a electricity from the main road,  with the length of 3km to village gate then splited to use. Only a few bulbs for the children to use, though they are unstable. It’s the worst during flooding season, the whole village had power outage for 1-2 weeks, which is normal because the electrical power often being broken due to unsatisfied technical specification. Since the tank appeared, we use electricity comfortably with less cost.  

Mr. Joachim Scrempp highly evaluated the efficiency brought by the project, as well as to note the difficulties that Phu Yen PC is facing.

The KfW 2 project was implemented throughout the province with total length of MV line is 47.36 km; LV lines is 212.477km, 35 newly installed substation with total capacity up to 7250kVA…

The project aims to rehabilitate, upgrade and expand MV and LV rural grid. Beside reducing power loss rate, improving electricity quality and safety standard, the project also provides the fairness to rural and urban customers while receiving regulated electricity price and with increasing service quality.

Author: Quoc Huy

Translated by Quynh Kha

15:31 - 30/03/2020  |  434 views

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