Power Sector – “a silent industry”

15:58 - 30/03/2020  |  835 views

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With the motto: “Where is difficult, there is us”, the power sector always accompanies the customers needs, especially customers in mountainous, rural areas and islands.

Power line maintenance team and Son Tay substation repairing power for the residents in Mo-nic village, Son Ky commune, Son Tay district

“Power sector is a silent industry”, even in the way of thinking or the way of doing. It’s not only my opinion, but also a story drawn up from many practical field trips with one of my colleagues, Mr. Ving Trong, a reporter from News Agency correspondent permanently in Quang Ngai.

Author – Reporter Vinh Trong in his business trip at Son Ky village, Son Ha commune

I have more than 5 years monitoring the electricity industry in Quang Ngai province. During that period, even though the time is not long but not that short to experience the lives electrical staff, eyesight witnesses their hardships to understand their dedications and sacrifices for this industry, only which the insiders can tell.

I still remember the business the trip to Son Lap commune, Kon Tum province to repair the damaged grid system after the flood. Watching them working with electrical pole foundations under the severe weather, it was extremely compassionated. But the thing that impressed me the most is that during their meal, there was not a complain, only teasing and laughter after a hard-working day.  Sometimes, joys come from such a simple thing.

Following their foot trail to have more understand about their work. In a stormy day, Mr. Tuan – Son Ha Power company director, few other people and I were on our way back from the city. It was almost 7:00 PM and there was the power line being cut by lightning and causing fire. Despite the urgent work, Mr. Tuan hurriedly joined the team and helped the repair team. It was pitched dark, only a few flashlights. As he directed the pedestrians, he told me: “Wait a little bit, we will go once we finished.” To be honest, I was quite impatient and wanted to go home early. However, seeing him soaked wet under the heavy rain, I couldn’t put him into dilemma. It was 10:00 PM, the line was reconnected, and our car started to depart. I cited this because: there are times, if have to choose, they will put their work priority even though it might displease their family, relatives or other relationship.

Mr. Phan Anh Tuan (first one from right) in one of his solving problem in a stormy night


Working with colleagues at night

I couldn’t tell all the story that I have collected from my business trip. Perhaps, through my personal narratives, the readers can visualize the difficulties and hardship of their work, Quang Ngai PC’s staff. They have left many things behinds for the career they chose, even their own happiness, contribute to the community and society. Therefore, their silent work needs to be recognized.

Author: Nguyễn Tuân - Vĩnh Trọng


Translated by Quynh Kha

15:58 - 30/03/2020  |  835 views

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