Press release: EVN and subsidiaries actively respond to Earth Hour 2020 Campaign

15:54 - 01/04/2020  |  722 views

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In recent years, the Earth Hour campaign in Vietnam, co-chaired by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - Vietnam and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), has attracted the attention of 63 provinces and cities and many people with different social classes responded to the Campaign. Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is one of the associations that always actively participate in the program.

Images of propaganda on economical and efficient use of electricity in response to the Earth Hour Campaign

Earth Hour 2020 Campaign with WWF - Vietnam being the focal point for the response activities, was sponsored by the MOIT and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The theme of the Earth Hour 2020 - “Biodiversity loss” draws attention to the depletion of resources, habitat change, which led to the biodiversity loss on a large scale due to the unprecedented increase in consumption, leading to a sudden increase in demand for energy, land, water, etc.

Earth Hour 2020 calls for organizations and individuals to take action in changing consumer behavior such as saving energy, limiting the use of plastic and stopping wildlife consumption, etc, and together with the international community, better cope with climate change and protect our green planet. Earth Hour 2020 Campaign takes place in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak in the world as well as in Vietnam, so no response activities that gather many people are organized.

With the purpose of renewing the propaganda activities to be creative, practical and efficient in response to Earth Hour 2020, EVN and its member units have carried out propaganda on electricity saving by publishing information, images, video-clips on the websites and social networks of the member units. Besides, Power Corporations and power companies of provinces and cities also simultaneously implement: propaganda on electricity saving and environmental protection at transaction points, headquarters of the branches throughout March 2020; call for organizations, agencies and customers to turn off the lights and unnecessary appliances at the time of the Earth Hour from 20h30 to 21h30, on Saturday March 28th, 2020.

After monitoring and summarizing data, the National Load Dispatch Center announced: After 1 hour of Lights Out (from 20h30-21h30 on March 28th, 2020), the nation’s electricity demand fell 436,000 kWh (equivalent to about VND 812.9 million).


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Translator: Phuong Hoa

15:54 - 01/04/2020  |  722 views

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