Quang Nam PC: Solutions for customers to control and reduce the power consumption

11:24 - 14/05/2020  |  877 views

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Every year, during the dry season, the power is always consumed much higher resulting in the utility bill increased significantly compared to previous months. In 2020, the climate is more severe, especially impacted by the pandemic Covid-19, the demand from households rises even more. Quang Nam PC, to support the customers, has offered them the solutions with reasons behind these figures to limit the electricity bill during this period.

Youth Union members of QNaPC promote the power saving for customers

Reason for costly bill of electricity

Due to the spreading of dry and hot weather in Central regions and Highland provinces, electricity is highly in command, especially at the end of March and beginning of April, because of Covid-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister has requested social distancing which people stayed at home, hence, demand and duration of power consumption in houses increased to serve the study and work online, etc.. It is expected that this is only the beginning of dry season and the climate will be more severe. Therefore, power consumption for cooling system in-house during the hottest months will be even higher. Air conditioners worked more frequently with high capacity for big gap of outside temperature and the inside ones. Furthermore, a lot of households usually turn on the air conditioners, cooling-fans constantly while the thermal insulation is weak or the cooling technology is old or insufficient installation, etc to raise the power consumption exceptionally.

Workers of QNaPC checked the electronic meters in Tam Ky city

Moreover, there are cases of customers installing the unsafe conductors which lead to break the insulation cover of their conductors, incorrect cross section, out-of-date conductors with multiple joints which result in breaking down easily and network loss.

According to Statistics summary from PC Quang Nam, power load consumption in April 2020 has gone up 17% compared to March 2020 and increased 10% compared to the amount in the same period of 2019. The consumption of households in March and April 2020 is higher compared to previous month. In May, the consumption is expected to continue rising largely compared to the same period of prior year which leads to even higher electricity bill.

Sharing difficulties to customers

To share difficulties of customers during Covid-19 pandemic, directed by EVNCPC, PC Quang Nam has collected customers who are under the list to support electricity bill for 3 months, proposed the solutions to ensure stable and safe power supply for the time defending the disease. The time applying bill supporting shall be April, May and June of 2020 equivalent to bill published for power consumed in May, June and July 2020.

Accordingly, there are 411,815 customers who received the support from electricity provider, in which 385,935 households and 25,880 customers that are manufacturing companies, business entities or service suppliers or medical centers serving the defending Covid-19 with the total amount of VND 92.8 billion. Said by Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan - Director of PC Quang Nam, the household and business customers are the ones who are beneficiary the most from the policy of MOIT and EVN during the pandemic.

This policy acknowledges positive feedback from the customers. In case of My Hung - Phu Thinh Garment Co., Ltd (Phu Ninh Commune, Quang Nam Province) the company exporting the garment products with nearly VND 100 million of electricity bill on average, Mr. Phan Duc Tu - the CEO mentioned that reducing 10% of electricity bill is the good news for businesses to reduce the difficulties and soon come back to production stability after social distancing due to Covid-19. Mr. Le Sen, CEO of Cua Dai Restaurant (Hoi An city) confessed that his restaurant had to close temporarily and has just opened. Therefore, the policy of electricity provider is timely and practical.

For household customers, electricity provider will automatically reduce the bill during the supported months without application from customers. Mr. Nguyen Vinh (Hoa Thuan commune, Tam Ky city) said: “Previously, each month, our family pays VND 600,000 on average for electricity bill. From the beginning of February 2020 until now, impacted by Covid-19, our life has changed and moved to online activities, studied and worked from home, so the power consumed from home went up. The cutting off electricity bill at this time is rational and timely which enable the customers to save for their living cost.

The staff came to customers’ houses to explain the increased amount in invoices

Beside that, Quang Nam PC has published widely the news of cutting off the electricity bill, reviewed the numbers of power consumption before publishing the invoices, verified 100% invoiced with unusual amount over 30%, clarified with customers for their complaints about the power consumption and the invoices within 24 hours; recommend applications to keep track on the consumption online such as the website, contact center, etc… Almost customers of Quang Nam PC provided their emails, handphone numbers so that the warning by PC about power consumption is convenient which enable customers to figure out and prevent timely any risk or accident.

The workers repaired the network using the hotline method

Mr. Le Quang Thach - Deputy Director of Tien Phuoc District Branch shared that during March and April, the Branch received 150 requests to clarify from the customers about highly increase of the invoices. The explanations for those requests were no problem and agreed by the customers. Mr. Tran Quoc Viet is one of the household customers warned by the Tien Phuoc District Branch about the suspected rise of the invoice. He appreciated the finding of DB which could help his family to save the living cost.       

The Power Company also promotes activities to save energy widely to raise the awareness of people, organizations, encourage the customers to use the power safety and efficiently.

The electricity provider has tried its best to support the customers with transparent information of the invoice and policy to reduce the bill during Covid-19, customers, on the other hand, shall contribute to reduce their bill in the upcoming dry season.  

Author: Hoang Phuong

Translator: Hang Pham

11:24 - 14/05/2020  |  877 views

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