EVNCPC Contact Center 19001909: 5-year flashback “the journey and development”

11:05 - 01/06/2020  |  755 views

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On 9th July 2015, EVNCPC officially launched CPC Contact Center (CPC CC) and put into operation. As the role of the bridge connecting the Central power sector to more than 4.3 million end-users, the hotline 19001909 provides 24/7 service to clarify and explain about issues regarding power purchasing and advise on technical stuffs to satisfy the customers. With endless efforts to operate and develop the system and provide the favorable experiences with digital support, let us look at the journey passing by and the orientation in the future of the hotline 19001909.

The Contact Center System

Five-year development

The system of the hotline includes 2 components the IT infrastructure and software for professional application.

Regarding the IT infrastructure, from the beginning of operation since July 2015, there are 2 G450 Media Gateways to ensure the connection between the hotline and service provider via 4 lines of E1 30B+D with capacity of receiving 120 calls on parallel. Up to now, the Center has upgraded 1 more back-up Internet connection for 4 line of E1, accessing to the system via SIP Trunking service and being updated 1 IP hotline which increase to total 03 G450 Media Gateways at the Center. Besides, there is two channels to transfer SMS Gateways to the messenger service 8088 and messenger with brand name of EVNCPC, ensure the information announced to customers and PC staff via SMS CRM. During the social distancing as solution against Covid-19, CPC CC has applied Softphone and auto VoIP technology to allow the tele-operator working from home via the Internet connection accessing to SSL VPN system of EVNCPC, extend the protocols with the core data system of the Center based in Data Center. This is the solution when the tele-operators have limited access to work in the office due to force majeure events or the interruptions of LAN network at the Center.

In case of tele-operators and customer service staff at Power Companies, the total IP Phone equipment and Softphone Avaya IX Workplace is 400 sets. The IP Phone devices at the Center are equipped with professional earphones, connected to the network, and provided PoE via the 3 Avaya Switch system operated by Stack mechanism.

There are 60 virtual servers in total under Vmware Vsphere platform serving CC system. The servers are configured backup 1 plus 1, synchronizing at separated Esxi Host and Data Store to minimize the risks of system downtime and continuously upgrade…

Regarding the operation software packages for call center, there is total 11 applications linked together, including: Avaya CM hotline, ACD system, Avaya SIP System, Application Enablement Services, IVR system, EMC system, Recording system, Nice system, CMS reporting system, status monitoring, Agent Map, Callback system and CRM system. Each application plays the role as the essential component for the call center operated effectively.

Quantity of calls to the Center over the years

Since the beginning, this has been the version 6 with licenses for 36 tele-operators simultaneously. Up to now, backed with investment from EVNCPC, the Center has upgraded to version 8 with 46 licenses signing in simultaneously to increase the capacity of receiving calls of customers and raising the stability, safety of the network.

The contact center received 3,9 million calls from customers from July 2015 to April 2020, in which 40% calls to claim the interruptions or look for the interruption information. Especially, in the event of breakdowns widely or disconnection due to typhoons and floods, numbers of calls raised significantly, there was days that the center received more than 15,000 calls. Each tele-operator tried their best but could not solve more than 200 calls each shift. It took longer time for customers to wait for the response, even no response. Therefore, artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied with Text to Speech technique to automatically answer to customers of the contact center questioning the interruption information, returning on higher efficiency.

As planned, EVNCPC prepared the project to invest on the second DR Site, integrated the back-up hotline, increase the availability and reliability of the system to meet the back-up demand and recover after disaster.

Meanwhile, to satisfy the increase number of customers via digital channels, it is necessary to integrate the virtual and physical call centers to provide solutions for requests from social networks such as Facebook, Webchat, Zalo, Email. With the big community of social network users in Vietnam, those channels are critical to provide better service to customers and reduce the capacity for the contact center 19001909.

The system to evaluate of service quality

For development of the operation software packages, The Center will continue investment on automatic responding software, automatic call software and assessment of response quality software.

Over the time, the automatic response software with Text to Speech technique has advised over 46 thousand calls, returning on benefit accounted for VND 300 million. The Center shall continue upgrading the Voice of “AI virtual assistant” to be familiar with the voice of Central and Highland customers.

The Center has implemented the automatic call software to deploy the functions of announcement based on installation (debt announcement, promotion or tribute announcement, etc), auto call for survey and recording the claims of customers (survey for satisfactory of customers, the recognition of 19001909, etc); meanwhile, saving the human resource for those tasks.

The software to evaluate the service quality to reduce the capacity for evaluators with continue increase of the calls. The software also expands the scope of evaluated calls, hence, raise the probability of recognition of low-quality call and figure out the solution to raise the service quality.

Been through 5-year establishment and development, the contact center 19001909 plays positive role on serving the electricity customers in the Central and Highland areas with smarter and more effective functions and applications. In the future, the Center will make more effort to provide better and more convenient services with high quality just like its role – being the bridge between the power sector and the customers.

Author: Le Van Cuong

Translator: Hang Pham

11:05 - 01/06/2020  |  755 views

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