Da Nang PC rewarded workers who found and returned the lost items

14:16 - 06/07/2020  |  718 views

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On May 15th, 2020, Director and President of Trade Union of Da Nang Power Company (DNPC) held a meeting to praise workers who had done a good deed – found and returned the lost items.

Director and President of Trade Union awards employees for their act of kindness

At the meeting, Mr. Le Hong Cuong – Director of DNPC said that their act of returning the lost items, whether they are valuable or not, are very admirable and respectable, showing the beautiful culture of the power industry in Danang. “I am very proud of this actions and hope every employee of DNPC to continue to promote and spread good gestures, contributing to building the good image of DNPC in the eyes of customers", Mr. Le Hong Cuong emphasized.

Recently, the staffs of DNPC have picked up the lost items and give them back to the owners. In May 2020, Mr. Nguyen Nhu Anh Tu - employee of Customer Management Team, Son Tra power branch has returned the belongings back to their owners. Specifically, on May 5th, Mr. Tu returned VND 50 million and many important papers to Mr. Ho Van Anh (residing in An Hai Bac ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang City). Reportedly, while working, he discovered a file clip, in there he found the household registration, identity card and many other papers and valuable cash. After checking the customer information, he found the client’s phone number and quickly contacted and returned the property to the owner.

Prior to that, on the way home from work, Mr. Tu picked up a wallet on Le Quang Dao street (My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district), in which had a lot of cash and identification papers. After determining the information, he contacted and went directly to the house to hand over the property to Mr. Truong Cong Tan’s mother - the owner of the wallet.

In April 2020, Mr. Ngo Mai Sang – worker of Hoa Vang power branch returned an iPhone to the customer. Before that, in March 2020, Mr. Tra Quoc Sy - Hoa Vang power branch found VND 3 million dropped on the sidelines of the Do Bridge - Tuy Loan. After finding the owner, Mr. Sy returned it to Mr. Nguyen Duc Vang, residing in Phu Hoa 1 hamlet, Hoa Nhon commune. Receiving the lost assets, Mr. Vang shared: “As soon as I found out that I had lost the money, I returned to search but I still thought that I would not find it. Fortunately, the workers of Hoa Vang power branch had picked it up and returned it.” The money is the expense for his family for next month, he shared and thanked Mr. Sy and the workers of Hoa Vang power branch.

On February 21st, while working, Mr. Tran Duc Quoc - worker of the Measurement Management Team in Thanh Khe power branch accidentally picked up a red bag in front of Tan Lap Market, Pham Van Nghi street. There were some personal papers and VND 4.7 million in cash in the bag. He quickly verified the owner, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Hanh, resided at 60 Trung Nu Vuong and tried to contact her to return the property to her. Ms. Hanh was really moved and happy when received the belongings, she mentioned that money was for the house rent.

In order to encourage the aforementioned acts of kindness, Director and President of Trade Union of DNPC praised and rewarded the four people mentioned above.

PV-Truong Long

Translator: Phuong Hoa

14:16 - 06/07/2020  |  718 views

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