Thua Thien Hue PC applying tool for monitoring transformer operation with GIS database

13:51 - 13/07/2020  |  869 views

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Previously, before the solution of monitoring the operation status of transformers via GIS, technical staff of Thua Thien Hue PC usually monitored the operation, overload cases of transformer manually with Excel and data exported from DSPM program to measure the operation parameters, filter the under-load, overload transformers or high current phase deviation, etc to keep track on and handle those. However, the crosschecking information took lot of time and inconvenience that hindered the staff from implementation permanently, that outstanding issues of transformers could not be supervised timely.

Operation statistics of the transformers

Therefore, to solve those above issues, staff of TTHPC has researched and implemented the tool to monitor the transformer operation by GIS data integrated with operation parameters from DSPM program to overview the substation on-load daily, include the Notifications on the GIS map.

Detailed data and chart of on-load status

Every day the tool uses the technical data of transformer (substation code, transformer code, operation date, periodic testing date, transformer capacity, rated voltage, out-of-balance current, etc) from GIS database incorporated operation information from DSPM of the transformer (voltage, current, capacity, angle of phase difference, etc) to measure the its current status. After that, technical staff could monitor operation information such as years of operation, deadline for periodic testing, under-load or over-load and high proportion of phase difference. The data is summarized from each subsidiary and allowed to check the operation of each transformer every 30 minutes.

The outcomes of the solution would be the simple solution to keep track of the transformer operation timely with only GIS map and quickly prepare the maintenance, replacement solutions for appropriate transformers that contribute to minimize the risks and shutdown time of the system; leverage the GIS database’s application to enhance the efficiency of technical, operational management of the PC.

Quang Huy - Duy Binh

Translator: Hang Pham.

13:51 - 13/07/2020  |  869 views

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