The feasibility study report for Cha Val hydroelectric plant project has been approved

13:45 - 20/07/2020  |  504 views

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On June 4th, 2020, EVNCPC approved the feasibility study report (FSR) for the investment and construction project of Cha Val hydroelectric plant. This is an important step following the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and is considered to be the basis for CPCNPMU to implement the next steps of the project according to the mission assigned by EVNCPC.

Field inspection to assess the forest status of Cha Val Hydroelectric Plant project

Cha Val Hydroelectric Plant Project has a capacity of 7MW, built in Cha Val and La Dee communes, Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province. The objective of the project is to develop renewable energy sources, contribute to protecting the environment, supplement sources for the power system to increase the capacity of power supply to the regions and the capacity of electricity production and trading of EVNCPC. The project was previously assigned by EVNCPC to Central Grid Company (now called CPCCPSC) for investment and management, and later transferred to CPCNPMU for management. Despite many years of implementation, the project has not made any progress due to various objective issues such as temporary suspension to review the planning of the project by Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee, delaying in the appraisal and approval of EIA … so the project has not yet been approved.

Taking water sample at the project area for the preparation of EIA report

With the continuous efforts and the responsibility of the Hydropower Project Management Unit and the Directors, immediately after the EIA was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, CPCNPMU collaborated with the design consultancy unit and verification consultancy unit ... to complete the feasibility study report of the project and demonstrate to the competent authorities about the feasibility and effectiveness of the project, and received the approval by EVNCPC Members' Council for Cha Val hydroelectric plant project.

Recognizing all the difficulties faced by the project management staff in order to fulfill the assigned tasks, and achieving such results is due to the tradition of solidarity, collective intelligence, the close guidance of EVNCPC leaders, CPCNPMU leaders and the hard-working efforts of CPCNPMU staff who work closely with local authorities to handle the project's difficulties.

Tran Dinh Phuc

Translator: Phuong Hoa

13:45 - 20/07/2020  |  504 views

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