Phu Yen Power Company: saving power must become practical and efficient

09:02 - 21/07/2020  |  855 views

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This is the motto, the target of Phu Yen Power Company (PYPC) in disseminating saving power plan in 2020 in Phu Yen province.

Using rooftop solar system can contribute to saving power

In 2020, it is forecasted that provincial load demand will increase due to a prolonged period of hot season; that power supply will also encounter many difficulties due to drought and low level of water of power dam. Therefore, saving power is a pressing task.

Saving power not only contributes to cost-reduction  for enterprises, families, and society but also creates resources to further Phu Yen socio-economic development in particular and that of the region in general. So, saving power should become a widespread campaign, with participation from all people classes as the directive from the Prime Minister at the Conference of Summarizing the Implementation of 2019 Plan and Deploying 2020 Mission held by EVN recently.

With pressing need for saving power, PYPC developed a plan for implementing power-saving work of 2020 with a target of saving over 2% of the annual power sales. Accordingly, PYPC shall cooperate with Phu Yen Department of Industry and Trade to advise the provincial People’s Committee to request organizations /individuals to conduct power-saving activities, as well as to check on their activities. Besides, PYPC also plans for disseminating and encouraging power-saving activities via media channels, incorporating it with introducing customers to power-saving solutions. In parallel, PYPC launches movements for saving power at offices, in production with many tempting rewards to generate effervescence in implementing the activities…

One of many dissemination method for saving power, used by PYPC

Apart from that, PYPC also formed and assigned specific missions for each member under Monitoring Team who have managed power usage at the company headquarter and its power branches. In parallel, PYPC proposed many efficient power-saving solutions for offices, households and disseminate them to all staff for implementation and dissemination purpose. Thanks to that, PYPC’s staff permeated power-saving beyond the company up into the local community. Accordingly, some methods utilized by PYPC are: utilization of natural light, optimization of lighting, switching off unnecessary devices, replacement with high power-efficient devices, changes in daily power usage… Weekly (or in unscheduled manner) the Monitoring Team will check, evaluate power-saving performance of PYPC’s Power Branches and propose appropriate reward/criticism.

By practical activities as well as upcoming plans, PYPC believes that power-saving campaign will permeate to the community, to all people, attract wide participation and become people’s daily habit.

PYPC also invites people to limit their usage of high-power-consuming devices during peak hours to reduce transmission pressure of the power grid, to avoid the unbalance in generation and demand; as well as to promote the development of renewable energies such as: rooftop solar energy, wind energy…

Author: Khoi Du

Translated by Quang Thang

09:02 - 21/07/2020  |  855 views

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