Press release: Operation results of 7 months of 2020 and missions in August 2020

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In the first 7 months of 2020, EVNCPC's power sources and grids operated safely and reliably, ensuring stable power supply for political, cultural, social activities and production and business activities in the Central regions and Central Highlands, ensuring power supply during hot and sunny season. In particular, EVNCPC has prioritized safe and stable power supply to quarantined facilities and hospitals for COVID-19.

Regarding production and business results:

In July 2020, EVNCPC’s power sales reached 1.721 billion kWh, reduced 4.2% compared to the same period in 2019; Accumulated in the first 7 months, power sales reached 11.097 billion kWh, reduced 0.43% compared to the same period in 2019, reaching 53.2% compared to the plan (20.840 billion kWh).

In the first 7 months, the average electricity price implemented by EVNCPC was 1,834.44 VND/kWh, reduced 57.51 VND/kWh compared to the same period and decreased 115.56 VND/kWh than the assigned plan; in July 2020 the average electricity price was 1,806.6 VND/kWh, 181.3 VND/kWh lower than the same period in 2019.

In July 2020, the electricity bill collection rate reached 101%, exceeding 1.3% compared to the plan assigned by EVN (99.7%). Electricity bill payment through banks/intermediaries in July 2020 is 72.27% (increased 4.27% compared to the plan, reaching 89.73% of the revenue); non-cash payment is 54.61% (increased 4.62% compared to the plan, reaching 81.80% of the revenue).

The interaction rate through the channels of the Customer Care Center and Public Administration Center/Online Public Service Portal is 98%, 23% higher than the assigned plan.

Regarding the electricity purchase and sale inspection as of July 2020, EVNCPC has detected 26,534 violations of electricity usage, reaching 143.4% of the assigned plan, increased 5.2% compared to the same period in 2019.

Regarding the encouragement of rooftop solar PV development:

In July 2020, EVNCPC had 1,637 new customers installing the rooftop solar system with a total installed capacity of 76.729 MWp; accumulated in 7 months, there were 4,517 customers installing the rooftop solar system, total installed capacity was 197.95 MWp, reaching 99% of the plan assigned by EVN (200MWp).

Regarding power saving:

The power saving in 7 months was 273 million kWh, reaching 2.47% of the power sales. Power saving at the Head offices and power branches in 7 months decreased by 1.023 million kWh, equivalent to 12.84% reduction compared to the same period (the electricity consumption from the solar power system included) .

Missions in August 2020:

Currently in the Central region, especially in Da Nang city where the COVID-19 pandemic heavily affected, EVNCPC considers the prevention and control of COVID-19 top priority. EVNCPC implemented all necessary measures such as daily medical declaration, switching to “work from home” mode, cleaning the office and personal space, ensuring the health of employees to perform the tasks in new situation.

EVNCPC continues to ensure sufficient, safe and reliable power supply for customers, especially in quarantined facilities, medical examination and treatment areas, hospitals, etc. The power branches actively perform the assigned production and business tasks, and at the same time seriously carry out the works of prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic; continue to monitor the substations, minimize incidents, prevent problems occurred due to subjective reasons; always be prepared for the upcoming stormy season.

EVNCPC implements business solutions and customer service in terms of social distancing, preventing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic such as: enhancing and encouraging customers to interact  online via the National public service portal, website/Customer care application; promoting non-cash payments for electricity bills and other service costs, etc.

In addition, EVNCPC requires leaders of power branches to regularly monitor and give direction to work faster and more efficiently during the complicated situation of COVID-19; reduce the overdue or delay tasks; perform missions under the annual theme of EVN and EVNCPC.


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16:21 - 26/08/2020  |  1235 views

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