Da Nang PC works with the Department of Climate Change on the implementation of the project under the joint crediting mechanism in Da Nang city

17:10 - 28/07/2022  |  657 views

Da Nang PC had a meeting with the Department of Climate Change (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) - a standing body of the Joint Committee to implement the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) between Vietnam - Japan and Da Nang City Department of Natural Resources and Environment on the implementation of the project to install low-loss transformers under the JCM in Da Nang city.

Representative of Climate Change Department spoke at the meeting

It is known that the JCM, proposed by Japan is a voluntary cooperation mechanism, through financial support and technology transfer to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries. Up to now, the JCM has been deployed in many countries, including Vietnam. The results obtained from many JCM projects have created a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to strengthening the implementation of countries' commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the context of global climate change.

As a project under the JCM, the project “Introduction of super loss-reducing transformers on the central and southern power grids” has the participation of many units in the power industry, including Da Nang PC, with the installation and commissioning of 282 steel core Amorphous transformers using Japanese technology on the Da Nang city power grid. The project implementation period lasts for 18 years, from March 2017 to the end of March 2035; was officially recognized as a JCM project by the Joint Committee for Implementation of the JCM between Vietnam and Japan on August 15, 2018.

The use of Amorphous transformers has brought certain effects to Da Nang PC in reducing power loss, improving power supply reliability and above all, being socially efficient. It is estimated that the amount of electricity saved by reducing power loss over the project life (18 years) is more than 27 million kWh compared to using standard transformers, the amount of CO2 - one of the causes of global climate change reduced emissions when implementing the project up to 453 tons of CO2/year.

The implementation of the project of using low-loss transformers at Da Nang PC in 2016 achieved many goals and brought many benefits to the Company, the clients and the environment, contributing to increasing strengthen the cooperation relationship between Vietnam and Japan in the fight against global climate change. The project also helps Da Nang PC receive new and highly effective technology from Japan.

In 2019, the Joint Committee issued 2,477 credits, equivalent to tons of CO2 emission reduction during the operation of the transformers from May 13, 2017 to the end of December 31, 2017 for the units participated in project, in which Da Nang PC was granted 102 credits. The representative of the Department of Climate Change further shared that from now until 2026, the market for carbon credits in Vietnam will be formed and closely consolidated in terms of laws and regulations on implementation, accordingly, creating conditions for Vietnamese businesses to get certain benefits when participating in projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, towards the global environment.

Discussing with the Department of Climate Change, representatives of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Da Nang city and Da Nang PC said that the installation and operation of low-loss transformers all comply with the environmental protection regulations. The company makes an environmental impact assessment report and is assessed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment for compliance and ensures environmental protection regulations when implementing projects. During the implementation process, Da Nang PC and Japanese partners are always proactive to solve problems and difficulties so that the project can be implemented according to the set plan, ensuring practical benefits to the community. Since participating in the project, Danang PC has continued to use and operate more than 1,060 low-loss Amorphous transformers for production, business, and construction investment on the power grid.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan - Deputy Director of Da Nang PC said that the project of installing and operating low-loss transformers under the JCM is a good and meaningful project in the face of climate change, it is still a concern for the Vietnamese and many other countries around the world. The company wishes to contribute to reducing the negative impacts of greenhouse gases on the environment, serving the interests of the community, and for all the people of the city.

“In the coming time, Danang PC will continue to support and seek high-tech solutions with good effects on production and business activities and towards the community such as the project of installing low-loss transformers - JCM which is implemented at the unit,” emphasized Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan.

Authors: Minh Tùng - Mỹ Vân

Translator: Thanh Thao

17:10 - 28/07/2022  |  657 views