PC Phu Yen: Digital transformation with many convenient services to serve customers

14:08 - 29/07/2022  |  745 views

Monitoring daily electricity usage on RF-Spider app, receiving all notifications and electricity usage information on EVNCPC Customer Service App/Zalo, paying electricity bills at home even without the internet, etc are the convenient services that the customers in Phu Yen province have experienced in recent years. It is the result of digital transformation to improve the quality of customer service of Phu Yen PC.

Song Hinh power branch guides customers to use the EVNCPC Customer Service App

Since two years ago, Mr. Doan Huu Sinh - Ward 5, Tuy Hoa city makes full use of the features of the EVNCPC Customer Service App because from the moment of registration to the payment of electricity bills, it can all be done by a smart phone. He said, this App has many handy functions, especially the function of comparing power output. It has helped him monitor the situation of the power usage for both his own company and his family, helping to save electricity for a busy person like him.

As for Mr. Nguyen Hau - Ward 7, Tuy Hoa city said: “My family runs a food service business, before Tet holiday, when I was guided by Tuy Hoa power branch to use services via Zalo, I received many messages, especially the schedule of power outages. I am completely assured and proactive in doing business.”

Two years affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a time for online services and non-cash payment forms to develop strongly. Phu Yen PC has also quickly connected with banks, post offices and network operators to create an intermediary channel to collect electricity bills at home such as automatic debit deduction, payment via ATM card, via e-wallets or through the App of the network operator. This has really brought a variety of payment methods as well as convenience to customers, including households in remote areas where there is no internet. Mr. Mai Khoa – Head of Business Department said that the unit has coordinated with VNPT and Viettel to propagate Mobile Money service. Initially, many households in rural areas responded enthusiastically because without a bank account, without internet, they can still pay electricity bills on their phones.

Phu Yen PC has completed the installation of electronic meters and telemetry systems in the whole province on December 10, 2021

Besides, since September last year, Phu Yen PC has completed the installation of electronic meters and telemetry system. With this tool, customers can monitor daily power output so that they can adjust accordingly. At the same time, with the application of software to monitor sudden power output, in the first months of 2022, 09 power branches promptly detected and supported 50 customers to find the cause of the unexpected increase in power output.

Not only bringing convenience to customers, the digital transformation of Phu Yen PC also reduces workload and increases labor productivity for employees through the application of RF-Spider, MDMS, OMS, issue centralized work sheets program.

Tuy An power branch instructs customers to use Mobile Money service

Mr. Huynh Quoc Long - Director of Phu Yen PC said: “The company has made digital transformation from the customer services to all other activities. In addition to requiring employees to meet work requirements, improving the transmission line to meet the needs of digital transformation in activities at the unit is always a matter of concern.”

Author: Hoa Hồng

Translator: Thanh Thao

14:08 - 29/07/2022  |  745 views