EVNCPC: Organize a Workshop to raise the awareness on gender equality

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On September 14th in Da Nang, EVNCPC in collaboration with the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) and Tetra Tech (a Consulting unit of USAID) organized a gender equality awareness workshop with the theme “Raising the awareness of gender equality for EVN's member units in the Central and Highlands region”.

Delegates and members of EVNCPC's member units attended the Workshop

Attending the workshop were Ms. Elicia Blumberg - Training Consultant on Gender Equality of Tetra Tech and USAID and her colleagues. On the side of EVNCPC, there was Mr. Ngô Tấn Cư - General Director; Ms. Lê Thị Phương Cẩm - Deputy General Director, Head of Department for the Advancement of Women; Mr. Trần Đình Hà - Chairman of EVNCPC’s Trade Union; members of the Advancement of Women Department; Head of the Advancement of Women Department.

Mr. Ngô Tấn Cư - General Director of EVNCPC delivered the opening speech of the workshop

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Ngô Tấn Cư - General Director of EVNCPC said that over the past years, the gender equality activities of EVN in general and its member units in particular, including EVNCPC, have achieved specific results. The rights and interests of female employees are increasingly guaranteed, professional qualifications are improved, and labor quality has increased noticeably. Women employees have been more and more active in contributing to the production and business activities of EVN.

On the basis of the gender equality plan of EVN for the period of 2021 – 2025, approved by EVN Member Council, EVNCPC has issued a plan for EVNCPC, which focuses on the following points: continuing to increase the proportion of female employees in the management team; improving the competency of both men and women to meet the demands of the 4.0 industrial revolution, the process of digital transformation; improving the physical, cultural and mental life of all employees. EVNCPC also puts priority on gender equality awareness training for board executive members and employees in the Corporation. EVNCPC has determined that awareness raising activities should focus on inspiring, creating bonds between men and women, building beliefs that gender equality creates opportunities for both men and women to change themselves.

Ms. Elicia Blumberg - Training consultant on gender equality of Tetra Tech and USAID presented the contents at the workshop.

At the workshop, delegates and members of the Advancement of Women Department listened to Ms. Elicia Blumberg presentation including: concept, awareness of gender equality; leadership style in a gender equality environment; benefits of gender equality to the efficiency of production and business activities of enterprises; formulating and implementing plans on gender equality; policies and interventions to promote gender equality activities, etc.

Ms. Elicia Blumberg said: “Over the past time, EVN in general and EVN's member units in particular have paid great attention to gender equality. This will be an opportunity for female employees to contribute more to EVN, to be able to compete for positions in the field of engineering, increase labor productivity, and businesses will also benefit from training programs. In order to promote gender equality, there are many activities at EVNCPC in the coming time in order to increase the participation of female employees in all production and business activities of EVNCPC, prioritizing improving the quality of female employees by increasing online training, prioritizing the enhancement of female employees’ participation in management work…”.

According to the statistics, the total number of female employees is currently 1,784/11,259 people, accounting for 15.4% of the total number of employees in EVNCPC. The proportion of female employees appointed from the level of Deputy Head of Power Company Department and above is 164/1,784 women, accounting for 9.19% of the total number of female employees of the Corporation. Currently, EVNCPC has 1 female in the Board of Directors.

This workshop is also an opportunity for EVNCPC’s Board Executive and the Advancement of Women Department of EVNCPC to know how to build a campaign on gender equality awareness in appropriate forms, gradually inspiring employees towards eliminating social prejudices about gender equality.

Some pictures at the workshop to raise awareness about gender equality in EVN held at EVNCPC:

EVNCPC Board executives and members of the Advancement of Women Department discussed with members of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Delegates participated in the discussion at the workshop

Author: Xuân Thái

Translated by Hanh Tam

16:47 - 23/09/2022  |  923 views