EVNCPC: Accomplished outstanding results in 2022

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Ensure power supply to 11 provinces, cities in Central and Highland areas within disadvantages natural disasters, typhoons; well perform business and customer services with indicators exceeding the plan; the enterprise acknowledged with Vietnam Digital Transform Enterprise Award, etc Those are among highlights in 2022 of EVNCPC mentioned at the Conference to summarize 2022 Business performance and the direction and tasks in 2023 of the Central Power Corporation.

On 6th Jan 2023, Mr. Trương Thiết Hùng - EVNCPC Chairman of Boards of Committees, Mr. Ngô Tấn Cư - General Director of EVNCPC hosted the Conference. 

Attendees are Mr. Trần Đình Nhân - General Director of EVN, Members of Boards of Committees of EVN, EVN’s Deputy General Directors, Chairman of Labor Union of EVN and Leaders of EVN’s Departments and subsidiaries of EVN.

Attendees of the Conference to summarize 2022 Business performance and the direction and tasks in 2023 of EVNCPC

Accomplish targets of 2022 with indicators exceeding goals

At the Conference, Mr. Ngô Tấn Cư - General Director of EVNCPC presented that in 2022, EVNCPC ensured sufficient power supply with safety and reliability, meeting demand of electricity for development of socio-economic and household usage in Central and Highland areas.

EVNCPC has remarkably performed determined activities of natural disaster prevention and control. Last year, there was lot of difficulties for power supply in Central and Highlands areas due to typhons No. 4, No. 5; historical floods in September, October. EVNCPC has actively prepared scenarios, solutions and quickly responded after the natural disaster for the local to recover normal life after typhoons and floods; No labor accident or technical accident among local households during recovering time after typhoons and floods.      

Regarding quality of electricity, EVNCPC has focused on solutions to reduce significantly duration and frequency of power interruptions such as optimizing hotline solution, investment on the grid with N-1 standard, etc. The average interruption duration in 2022 is 219 minutes/customers, decreased 136 minutes/customers compared to ones in 2021.

General Director of EVNCPC presented that the corporate has implemented well the solutions to reduce power losses, cut down 0.44% compared to the indicator in 2021, reached 3.99%. Meanwhile, indicator of access to electricity remained the top among EVN, only 1.61 day/case.

Mr. Ngô Tấn Cư - General Director presented the Report at the Conference

Renewable of the metering system is another highlight of EVNCPC in 2022. The corporate is the only distribution corporations reaching 100% installed smart meter with remote metering achieved 99.96%.

In 2022, customer services of the Corporation have continued to innovate significantly. All indicators of online transaction, service level 4, e-service, customer communication via app/zalo/email/SMS are accomplished. During survey, there are 99.2% of customers satisfied with the service; 89% customers acknowledged of customer care channels of EVNCPC.

EVNCPC has received and completed over 2.1 million requests from the customers in 2022, increased 29% compared to ones in 2021. Over 13 provinces and cities in the Central, there are 94.88% customers paid without cash, exceeding 20.53% of the planned criteria.

In terms of digital transformation, the Corporation has achieved impressive milestones. EVNCPC has been awarded with Vietnam Digital Awards 2022. Research, application of IT, science technology and achievements of 4.0 industrial revolution have been presented in most of production and business activities, attracted innovative and reality ideas within the staff.  

The year of 2022 is the first time that the best team within Distribution Corporations for skilled workers among EVN has been awarded to EVNCPC. This is the result of non-stop improvement of the workforce, discipline and movement into professional working environment of the Corporate.

Continue to grow and apply science technology and practice saving

General Director of EVN Mr. Trần Đình Nhân delivering speech

At the conference, EVN General Director Mr. Trần Đình Nhân appreciates efforts of EVNCPC staff to fulfill all given tasks, at the same time, acknowledges that EVNCPC team always be proactive, prepare and implement well the duties with high responsibility for all circumstances.

EVN General Director assigned that EVNCPC shall continue to implement solutions to ensure safe operation, supply electricity in stability and consistency for demands of socio-economic development and household uses, contribute to recover, grow the socio-economy in the Central; to actively respond in raining and stormy seasons.

EVNCPC should keep promoting gained results, enhance quality of technical management and operational management of the grid to detect and prevent interruptions; reduce cases and frequency of interruptions due to technical errors, raise the electrical reliability, meanwhile, develop more administrative solutions to reduce technical losses, with lower than implemented indicator in 2022; manage and monitor projects, system of solar rooftop in Central - Highlands areas.

Mr. Trần Đình Nhân acknowledges excellent individuals and groups with Labor Medal, Certificate of Merit from Prime Minister

The Corporation shall firmly execute activities showing the theme of 2023 of EVN “Practice of saving and prevention of waste” in all aspects; develop solutions to increase revenue, reduce cost, keep balance in terms of finance.

Another task assigned to EVNCPC from EVN General Director was implementation of Overall digital transformation within EVN, actively application of 4.0 industrial revolution into all activities of the Corporate.

Mr. Đinh Thế Phúc - EVN Board of Committees appreciates excellent individuals of EVNCPC with Certificate of Merit from Ministry of Industry and Trade

To respond, Mr. Trương Thiết Hùng - Chairman of EVNCPC Boards of Committees presented that EVNCPC staff shall together make efforts to ensure safe and reliable power supply for socio-economic development and household use in Central and Highland areas; fulfill well assigned tasks of 2023, implement and develop 5-year plan 2021-2025 assigned by EVN.

Author: M. Hanh

Translator: Hang Pham

15:16 - 13/01/2023  |  894 views