Efforts to improve customer service quality in the context of industrial revolution 4.0

15:09 - 29/05/2023  |  564 views

Vinh Linh power branch is assigned by Quang Tri Power Company (QTPC) to supply electricity to over 32,740 customers. With the motto of taking customers as the core, Vinh Linh Power promotes the application of 4.0 technology solutions to ensure production and business efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction in the new era.

Promote the application of information technology in consulting and customer care activities

Vinh Linh power branch has been gradually modernizing the power grid towards automation; using tablets and smartphones for surveying and making new power supply records. They have completed the electricity supply during the day; effectively operated and exploited existing data acquisition (RF Spider) and telemetry management (DSPM) systems. Particularly from the beginning of 2022 until now, the unit has completed the database of the medium voltage field collection program at 6 medium voltage feeders, which made it very convenient for technical management, grid operation and customer service.

By promoting payment of electricity bills through banks, collection intermediaries and diversifying payment channels for electricity bills, the unit has so far completed collection of electricity bills at collection points for 100% of customers, eliminating 100 % retail electricity services. The rate of collection through banks/collecting organizations reached 90.16%. The rate of automatic and non-cash receipts reached 73.08%. This result contributes to modernizing and unifying the management of electronic contracts, facilitating customers in monitoring the process of electricity use.

Quang Tri PC strives to complete the conversion of 100% of power purchase and sale contracts into electronic contracts before June 30, 2023

Through the switchboard 19001909, Vinh Linh power branch works closely with the Customer Care Center to resolve customer requests in the shortest time. All customer orders are handled satisfactorily, no backlog. New power supply procedures, online power supply through the national public service portal are carried out quickly. From the beginning of 2022 until now, there have been nearly 250 customer complaints being resolved in a timely manner.

Customer Nguyen Thi Anh Dao - Director of Hung Dung International Co., Ltd (Ho Xa town, Vinh Linh district) shared: "As a production and business enterprise with a large amount of electricity consumption, our company found that in recent years, incidents and cases of power cut have decreased significantly and when the power supply is lost, Vinh Linh power branch handled it very promptly, and there is no prolonged power outage. Better power quality ensures continuous and stable service for production and business activities. Along with that, the handling of power supply procedures is increasingly simple and convenient. The employees of the power units also regularly grasp the situation and propagate to customers practical measures to use electriciti economically and safely.

Mr. Phan Thanh Vinh - Director of Vinh Linh power branch shared the 2023 goal: "We will strengthen communication and guide customers to access and use online service of the power industry on the national portal, local and communication networks so that they can use electricity economically and efficiently; we also manage and closely coordinate with the collectors to promptly remind and handle problems, ensure the collection rate, and not let the arising cases of the collection organization affect the image of the collectors, image of the power industry with customers and  strive to complete the conversion of 100% of power purchase and sale contracts into electronic contracts by June 30, 2023, thereby creating a significant change in power business activities and improving quality of power supply with better quality and reliability”.

Authors: Huyền Trang – Chí Công

Translated by Hanh Tam

15:09 - 29/05/2023  |  564 views