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Send Date Project Tender Package Content Form of contractor selection Start Date End Date
10/10/2018 Project Efficient Power Grids in Small and Medium-Sized Cities – Phase 1, Loan Agreement signed on October 10, 2016 between KfW and Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

- CPC-KFW3.1chung-G01: Supply and transport transformers. - CPC-KFW3.1chung-G02: Supply and transport primary and secondary equipment, computerised control system, communication system. - CPC-KFW3.1chung-G03: Supply and...

10/15/2018 11/30/2018
8/31/2018 Central Power Solar Plant

Package No. 01/EPC-SolarCPC: design, supply, construction, installation, testing, commissioning, insurance, technology transfer and training for preparation of production

8/31/2018 10/30/2018