​Solution to look up meter stats and online power output warnings

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Currently, EVNCPC electronic meters with telemetry account for 86% of customer meters, promoting effective implement of the electronic metering and telemetry system will effectively serve production and business activities of EVNCPC and diversify types of customer care. EVNCPC has also implemented a tool to manage customers' abnormal power output and a tool to assist customers in monitoring daily usage output, however, the level of interest in customers' electricity consumption is not much and infrequently as well as unusual output warning information for customers is not available or has only been applied on a small scale, not yet concentrated. It can be seen that both sales staff and customers need solutions to improve work and support information search. This is why “Online electricity meter reading and power output warning” is essential.

The need for a solution to look up meter readings, online power output warnings

Currently, CPC IT is being assigned to implement this solution development project, which is expected to be put into use in the third quarter of 2021. The solution consists of two main functional groups: Automatic data aggregation, detection and warning on abnormal power output; Support the monitoring, reviewing and handling of staff and customers.

Synthesize data automatically, detect and warn about abnormal power consumption

The solution is responsible for automatically collecting and synthesizing meter readings from two telemetry systems, DSPM and RF-Spider, to calculate and identify cases of increased or decreased power output or not in use. The algorithm selected here is inherited from the program "Warning of abnormal power output in real-time telemetry" of Da Nang PC, based on the evaluation of the correlation of real-time measurement point data and the linear regression over a given time period. This correlation is expressed by the Correl correlation coefficient.

Correl correlation coefficient in predicting abnormal output

On the basis of automatically collected meter readings to calculate the daily electricity consumption of each customer, the system compares with the average daily usage of the previous month (extracted from CMIS) to determine the cases in which electricity output increases or decreases suddenly. Finally, the solution is capable of identifying customers whose power consumption varies (increase/decrease) suddenly according to the threshold value (%), time period (day) according to the needs of the user.

Support the monitoring, reviewing and handling of employees and customers

From the aggregated data, the solution will support the monitoring and review of power output through customer's real-time power output charts, comparison of past data, and export of related data reports as well as statistics to serve the work of staff. And to serve the troubleshooting task, the solution supports sending information to business staff via e-Office, supports updating customer feedback to reduce the scope of information review as well as updating the power unit's processing support. In addition, customers also receive feedback on warning information through Zalo, app, mail channels ... to closely monitor their consumption, contribute to timely handling and minimizing unexpected abnormal usage.

In summary, with the two main groups of functions mentioned above, "Solution to look up meter readings and online power output warning" meets the necessary needs of monitoring customers' consumption, supporting work support for the staff and show the interest of the electricity industry to customers.

Author: Nguyễn Huỳnh Đăng Khoa

Translated by Hanh Tam

16:25 - 14/09/2021  |  93 lượt xem

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