Changing relay setting value, remote control solution

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Currently, Da Nang PC Control Center is operating and remotely controlling through the SCADA system of Reclosers, LBSs, and RMUs of many different brands on the city's power grid. In the past time, the LBSs newly installed on the power grid are all closed-type LBSs that are fully SCADA connected to the power center, most of which are LBS equipment of the brand S&S with code RT200P.

Configuring function display on HMI screen

S&S RT200P control cabinet has the ability to connect SCADA using the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol on electrical control, capable of monitoring measurement signals, performing remote LBS switch control commands, however, the controller of the cabinet's central control unit RTU does not support the variable (point) to control the change of the signal lights on the cabinet surface, and does not support changing the relay setting values ​​with a regular 1-bit control signal (single command). This causes difficulties in moderating work, when the joystick changes a setting value, the dispatcher must call the technical staff directly to the scene to manually proceed the adjustment, wasting time and human resources.

To solve this problem, the author team of Da Nang PC has researched the documentation of the S&S RT200P control cabinet, the SCADA system document of Survalent, and planned the configuration setting at the cabinet and at the SCADA system of the control center to be able to remotely control operation from the control center.

At the control cabinet located in the field, Da Nang PC author team uses the R-Manager configuration software to configure the variable to change the set value (set point) in accordance with the system requirements of the control center.

At the control center, Da Nang PC author team used SCADA Survalent STC Explore software to configure set point variables on the server system. This variable configuration is a “48 type” analog variable of the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol of the type “set point command, normalized value” corresponding to the address configured at the control cabinet.

On the HMI interface for moderators, the research team uses SmartVU software to display the above-configured variable on the screen, from which the moderators can easily control it directly from the HMI screen.

This solution plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the dispatching and operation of the SCADA system at the Power Control Center such as: Building a complete solution to overcome the disadvantages of being unable to control and adjust the remote relay for LBS S&S RT200P; convenient for the moderating and operation of the power system, reducing the adjustment time, saving direct labor to the field, ensuring accurate and quick adjustment; the solution can be implemented on similar LBSs as well as other SCADA systems in power units.

Authors: Hoàng Nhân - Khoa Nam

Translated by Hanh Tam

16:31 - 14/09/2021  |  88 lượt xem

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