Urgently installing preventive care center to face the complicated situation of the pandemic

16:01 - 16/09/2021  |  82 lượt xem

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Facing the extremely complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Da Nang and the risk of spreading rapidly to the community, Central Power Contact Center (CPCCC) proposed and asked EVNCPC's for the guidance on developing a plan to organize a backup working location for the Contact Center in case the main location is isolated.

Technicians are checking the system at the Backup Contact Center

Currently, the Center has set up a system for telephonists to work from home and at the same time organizes an emergency team of 17 people on duty (24/7) at the Center's headquarter - 393 Trung Nu Vuong that ensures living and working distance to comply with the rules of pandemic prevention and control. However, in order to ensure the continuous and smooth customer care work, immediately after receiving the direction from EVNCPC on August 10th 2021, with the support of CPCIT, CPSC, until now, CPCCC has completed the implementation of a backup Contact Center to fully meet the working and living conditions for 10 employees at 81-89 Nguyen Huu Tho, Da Nang.

The Home phone operator idea (an idea recognized by CPC in 2020) continues to promote its effectiveness in ensuring stable operation of the Center in any situation. Avaya one-X Communicator application is installed on desktop, laptop and system platforms, enabling telemarketers to receive calls from customers at any location as long as they have EVNCPC LAN/WAN connection or stable Wifi Internet/4G connection (in case of using Wifi Internet/4G, it is necessary to add a VPN account to the network of EVNCPC). Customers’ calls will be automatically distributed to the device set up according to the agent numbers (Agent-ID) of the operator according to the queue, operating and monitoring mechanism similar to the operator receiving the call at work with a dedicated IP Phone device.

Operation model of the Backup Contact Center

Thus, in just 2 days, CPCCC has completed the installation and testing of the backup Contact Center for the worst-case scenario if the Main Center at 393 Trung Nu Vuong is blocked. This is also one of the strong and drastic actions of CPCCC, ensuring continuous and good customer care service.

Author: Hạnh Cường

Translated by Hanh Tam

16:01 - 16/09/2021  |  82 lượt xem

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